What is Camming

Camming is the fastest-growing industry of online sexual content. 


Cam-shows are live video streams, where customers can interact with performers, through a chat box.

Cam-sites represent a huge exciting shift in erotic content. Sociologists have discovered that, unlike porn, camming’s interactive element is hugely appealing to customers. They may come for the sexiness, but they stay for the connection and community. 


Camming generates 1 billion in revenue a year - and this number continues to grow. Adult cams-sites are visited by 5% of the entire world’s internet users every day. The largest cam-site in the world by traffic, Chaturbate, receives over 300 million monthly visitors.That’s a lot of eyes on a lot of screens. 


Sexuality is foundational to living a joyful and fulfilling life. These statistics clearly show that humans are hungry to connect with this part of themselves. 


And camming represents a huge step in progress, towards online erotic content that is about connection and not just titllation. However, mainstream camming is usually ill-informed, and can also enable destructive habits. 


It’s Time for a Change!


How is GASM Camming different?


GASM harnesses the unique qualities of cam-sites, to arouse healing, growth, and transformation in our customers.

We build on the power of already existing camming infrastructure, connecting to an already existing market… adding our own pioneering spin!

GASM cam-channels are filled with heart-opened, authentic, and inspired sex experts; bringing together mainstream online erotic content, with normally hard-to-access healing and therapy.

GASM Camming is designed to:

Accurately answer the most popular sex questions.

Provide relationships with concrete how-to practices for igniting the spark, deepening intimacy, and prolonging pleasure.

Showcase consent, authentic conversations, and open-hearted relating. 

Offer compassion and inspiration to those who are lonely, depressed, disconnected, and longing for better sex and communion. 

Release shame around sexual fantasies, and explore the power of desire.

Address common sexual mistakes and myths, while showing what real self pleasure and lovemaking looks like. 

Offer rituals that are healing, transformative, and exhilarating. Championing and teaching the power of Self-Love. 

Show the beauty of diverse ages (always 18+), races, body types, physical abilities, genders, and relationship designs.