What is GASM

GASM is a groundbreaking network of sex and relationship experts, bringing their experience to people world-wide, via live interactive cam-shows educational programmes, and healing opportunities. 

Many people in our world are either shamed, silenced, or misinformed about sexuality. There are very few avenues available for healthy sexual entertainment and education. Meanwhile, porn sites attract more visitors each month than Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter combined.  


Viewers go online not only for arousal, but to receive information on HOW to be sexual and HOW to relate. And mainstream erotic content is grossly ill-equipped to provide them with answers.

Right now our focus is on creating a totally new vision for cam-shows. Check back soon to enjoy our expanded library of sexy educational content, and transformational erotic experiences.

Here at GASM we are committed to helping people get what they need: Entertaining, educational, and empowered sexuality; As well as intimate, fulfilling relationships

GASM Statements


Online erotic content can be Arousing and Informative


People may come to get turned on, but will leave feeling tuned in


Sexual personal development is the fastest track to transformation 

Mainstream erotic content can support individuals and relationships to explore their sexuality, intimacy, and pleasure


Better erotic content means Better Sex and Better Lives