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Our Team

GASM is brought to you by Lauren Cooney, Natalie Peire, and Douglas van Duyne - three sex and love mega-nerds, who have done the trainings, attended the festivals, explored the parties, and sat in front of many leading therapists healers and coaches, so that we can bring the absolute best of it straight to your lives via our app and web platform.


Douglas van Duyne

Co-Founder, Product & Technology

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Serial entrepreneur. NetRaker sold to Keynote. Naviscent Consulted Oracle, Yahoo, and Paypal. A best-selling author in UX experience design. Intimacy & meditation coach. UC Berkeley in Computer Science.

...and had the idea for GASM while recording his cam show.


Lauren Cooney

Co-Founder, Content & Psychology

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Serial director & producer. Oscar and Bafta-qualifying films. Corporate leadership coach. Psychosexual Somatic Therapy Coach. Cambridge University Eng Lit MA.


...and was talent scouted to become a Pro Domme.


Natalie Peire

Co-Founder, Community & Research

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Creator of international self-development center. Data-Led Psychological Consulting. Psychosexual Somatic Therapy Coach. BSc Birmingham Business Mgt.


...and once snuck into a sold-out sex party for research.

We’re here to pave the way for a more healthy, pleasurable and consensual world, both online and IRL. And we’re honoured to be sharing our journey with some world-class advisors, innovators, and investors.

Our Advisors


Patrik Silen

Strategy & Operations

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Jamie Catto

Culture & Content

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Tara Austin

Behavioral Science

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Andy Hart

Business & Media

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Louise Mazanti, PhD, Pg. Dip

Sexual Therapy & Curriculum

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Amy Charlotte King

Lead Researcher & IP Design

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