You set goals for your career. You track progress in the gym. You spend hours scrolling through your fave videos on the loo.And when you go all in on something, you get results: the promotion, the muscles, the winning prize at the pub quiz.

So have you ever stopped to think about why your sex life isn't where you want it to be? Is fun, connected, exciting too much to ask?

Not if you go all in.

Spend just ONE HOUR with us and LEARN

The secret to bringing more fun and playfulness to the bedroom (and life)

A practice to deepen intimacy in relationship everyday

3 new techniques to drive her wild

It's time to go all in—on your sex life.
Too many men are settling for empty sex, disappointing dates and strained relationships.

Join the GASM Masterclass to do something about it.


Maybe it’s easy to talk about, maybe it’s super awkward. We got you. We’re going to explore the topics of sex in a simple, private and down-to-earth way. Limited spots available so we have time for questions.

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Understand why fun sex and playful relationships starts with you

Learn the 1 simple technique to up-level the pleasure YOU feel. And re-sensitise your body like you’re a teenager again

Discover the secret things your partner really wants in the bedroom from…No more mind-reading!

PLUS BONUS gift audio of “The Worlds Best Date Night… yes we back ourselves that much. It’s the perfect formula for you to follow… you can thank us later.

Join us for the live MASTERCLASS

Choose a session that works for you. Come alone or bring your partner, everyone is welcome here!

Wednesday 1st May 18:00 (London) 13:00 (NY)

Spend one hour with us and we promise you'll leave feeling sexier, playful and confident to take your connection up a notch.


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Thursday 2nd May 8am (London) 17:00 (Sydney)

Spend one hour with us and we promise you'll leave feeling sexier, playful and confident to take your connection up a notch.


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Questions and Answers

You can come along or bring your partner, everyone's welcome at GASM.

No, this Masterclass is strictly non-explicit. However we will be discussing secuality so please be somewhere private you feel comfortable listening to that.

Masterclass is hosted on zoom so you can access it from home, or somewhere you feel comfortable.

Yes, it will be a live session so you can keep your camera off and have a different name if you prefer. Also the call will not be recorded.

The Masterclass is targeted towards heterosexual people however, if you would still like to attend most of the content is universal.

What PEOPLE are saying

When you're struggling with something in your sex life, it can feel like you're the only one. That's why community is central to what we do at GASM.

Sam - 32

GASM's Masterclass was one of the best delivered talks I’ve ever attended and I took so much from the session.

John - 27

Wow, I just learned so many new things in the space of 60 minutes. I'm very excited to do more!

Alistair - 34

My partner and I had the best conversation after the Masterclass, I just often feel it's always about the kids these days, and this was just about us.

Amir - 29

I like how they gave me a recipe that I'm just following. And it will lead to better sex and more enjoyable sex.

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I really enjoyed listening to other mens sexual experiences. I realised that I'm not broken and most of my fears are shared by others!

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