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The world’s first Adult Learn & Play Platform

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The smart way to explore Love, Lust, and Everything in Between

The GASM App is here to spice up the sexual wellness space in a fun, deep, and enriching way. 


Our research-led science-backed approach takes you on a personalized journey to get the most out of your sex and relationships. Whether that’s improving your dating, mating, and relating skills or exploring what’s out there in the sexy world - we’ve got you.


Welcome to the shame-free, expert-led

Adult Learn and Play revolution. 

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Great! Here’s a challenge.
Embracing challenges and noticing when things are uncomfortable is the fastest route to positive transformation. By asking, “what’s this challenge showing me?” we end up with crucial information about how to have more self-awareness, heal old wounds, and open up to more Love.



Be your own best lover.

Hollywood taught us to outsource our love and pleasure. But now we understand that True Love and Eros is an inside job. The healthiness of our connections relies on having a great relationship with ourselves first and foremost. Whether offering self-care and wisdom in times of emotional upset or exploring our turn-ons - we're taking the keys back and jumping in the driving seat.


A relationship is a co-creation.

Being in a relationship no longer means one person sacrificing something for another. Relationships are a collaboration based on mutual growth, trust, and responsibility. Learning to take shared ownership over our relational dynamics paves the way for strong and profound connections, whether it’s for a brief encounter or one that lasts forever.


Pleasure is a human right.

In 2019, the World Association for Sexual Health declared pleasure a human right. And we take it seriously. With sex ed focused on contraception, disease, and fear, we know that pleasure is the missing link in sexual wellness.



Where did all the feelings go?

Somewhere along the way, porn highjacked hot sex. But real hot sex doesn’t emulate much of porn’s mechanical, absentminded and emotion-less traits. A nourishing sex life IRL is built on the opposite - yes, it may be sweaty and torrid, but also open to laughter and feels.

Sexual self-development should be playful & sexy.

Thinking about improving one’s pleasure or a partner’s pleasure is a radical act of self-awareness, but that doesn’t mean it should be boring or come from a dense self-help book. There are millions of ways of widening your sexual horizons. “Adult play” (well beyond any dark dungeons, BDSM, bondage, and beads) is an exciting and enriching way to grow.


Speak up, shy guy.

For some, it comes naturally; others might need the right setting and tools to feel comfortable enough to speak their desires, share their needs, and express their boundaries. Communication is a bedrock for creating trust in relationships and leads to deep intimacy.


There’s no shame in calling in the experts.

Being open to learning makes all the difference, and expert teachers can help even more. How else can we know what we don’t know? Our handpicked creators are all experts in sex and relationships - whether healers, educators, or erotic performers: you’re in good, safe hands. What’s more - this is a community affair. We’re here to share and learn from each other too.

There’s no wellbeing without happy, healthy, Sex & Love.

We’re all trying to optimize ourselves. We’re going to the gym, meditating, tracking our sleep and nutrition, and improving our leadership skills... Healthy sex life is a crucial part of self-care and should be treated equally to the brain, body, and mind when it comes to self-development. But improving sexuality doesn't happen in a vacuum - the ultimate goal is happy, pleasurable relationships with ourselves and others.


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Sex & Love educators. Healers, Coaches, Therapists,

Erotic Performers. Like what we’re doing at GASM? Dig our Manifesto? Know there are more audiences out there with whom you can connect?

We’re creating GASM with you in mind. Right now, we’re focused on getting our app out the door and building a playground for everyone. We’re also building our expert creator community and learning how (together) we can make a sex and love revolution - that’s a win-win for all.

Expert Creatos

GASM is brought to you by Lauren Cooney, Natalie Peire, and Douglas van Duyne - three sex and love mega-nerds...

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