The sexual WELLBEING app your partner WANTS you to DOWNLOAD

You set goals for your career. You track progress in the gym. You spend hours scrolling your fave videos on the toilet.

And when you go all in on something, you get results: the promotion, the muscles, the prize at the pub quiz.

So have you ever stopped to think about why your sex life isn't where you want it to be?

Is fun, connected, exciting too much to ask?

Not if you go all in.

Sex life?

50% of adults aren’t satisfied with their sex lives. Some want more sex. Some want more pleasure. And some are just damn curious.

We’ve spoken to 1000s of guys who wanted more from their sex lives, but didn’t know where to begin.

Sure, if you’ve got erection issues, you know what to search.

But, what about if you want more pleasure, connection, and intimacy?

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Meet the TEAM

Meet our sex and love mega-nerds, AKA the GASM co-founders.



GASM co-founder

Throughout my 20s I wasn’t comfortable in who I was. Often in performance mode, detached from my own pleasure, with stress about who I thought I should be in sex and relationships. Exploring Tantra and Kink gave me so much self-acceptance, depth and understanding.

A headshot of Natalie Piere

Natalie PEIRE

GASM co-founder

I’ve always been interested in personal development and how to live a more connected life. I discovered sexuality and intimacy workshops and I couldn’t believe how transformational they were. I was able to finally express my emotions, embody boundaries and develop my personal power.

Douglas K. VAN DUYNE


GASM co-founder

I saw a sex therapist in my early 20s. I didn’t know how to date women, and was confused about the expectations on me as a man. I’ve gone on to thrive in multiple relationships - from being in a long term marriage and fathering 4 children, to exploring poly and open relating.

The Vision

A world where people have healthy, happy, intimate, relationships to THEMSELVES and OTHERS.

Yes, we’re here for more PLEASURE and more ORGASMS. And we're here for more CONNECTION, INTIMACY and BELONGING. Win-Win.

Our promise
to YOU

No cancel-culture
If you’re willing to reflect and respect - 
you’re welcome.

Pro learning
We bring you access to world-class experts and information. You bring openness to explore.

Here for fun and sexiness
Sex is adult play, after all.

Why NOW?

The world is full of bad sex and mediocre relationships. Don’t believe us?
The stats don’t lie.

59% of men experience psychology-based sex issues (HIMS), and 25.8% of married millennials report problems with sexual desire (BBC). That’s if they’re even getting into bed with someone. 1/3 of men under the age of 30 in the USA haven’t had sex in the last 12 months (Washington Post).

And frankly we’ve had enough.

In a world of swipe-right dating apps, digital turn-ons, gender wars, mental health challenges, increasing stress, and misinformation… GASM is here to provide a fundamental shift in how we think about sex.

Get involved.

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